I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on our school’s international projects since the summer of 2012, when Work Experience Wales had just been established, and we could not have chosen a more reliable partner. Together, we have enabled about a dozen students per year to gain some practical work experience abroad. Communication with Jim has always been quick and efficient, paperwork complete, coordination absolutely hassle-free. What is more, Jim has our students’ welfare at heart and sees eye to eye with me as far as the fundamental aims of the project are concerned. We can always count on him to closely monitor the students and step in if any issues come up with partner companies or host families, without pampering the participants overmuch.

Jim constantly works on improving the project and adding to its professionalism, which is a great help for me in my intermediate and final reports to our National Agency in Germany. We receive quotations, complete paperwork on host families, invoices / receipts, monitoring write-ups and support with issuing our EuroPasses to students after their stay abroad. I can only thank him for his commitment and for going above and beyond the call of duty, and we look forward to continue this partnership with him for the years to come.

- Alexander Brehm, M.A. – Team Leader Languages Project Coordinator Erasmus+ Euro Akademie Bamberg – Germany -

My school and I have been working with Jim Cooney since 2012. Thanks to the European Programme Leonardo, we’ve sent 13 pupils to Swansea.

As our partner, Jim Cooney is in charge of finding work placements, host families. He is also responsible for organising the linguistic and cultural activities. The companies or trainees can contact him whenever they need during their stay. Jim Cooney is a reliable partner, very efficient and caring.

It’s a great pleasure to work with him, every student that we have sent to Wales has been very pleased with their stay. As a teacher, I’m deeply satisfied by Jim Cooney’s work :

– the work placements correspond to what we expect, regarding the items students have to assess during their training period.
– the linguistic activities are led by professionnal teachers and help the students to improve and practice their English.
– the cultural activities enable them to discover Wales but also to practice English in situ.
– He is very efficient and proactive if the teachers, companies or teenagers have any problems during the stay.

We have recommended Jim Cooney to several colleagues who also trust him to organise their pupils’ work placements.

- Damien Roquessalane English teacher, Lycée René Descartes Champs-sur-Marne (77) -

For 3 years, our school has worked with ” Reivers Education and Work experience Wales” as part of the Erasmus+ (formerly Leonardo Da Vinci) program. Many students have benefited from mobility every year and are supervised by Jim Cooney, who is developing a comprehensive program of cultural and linguistic discovery for the first week in Swansea through Reivers Education.

Then Work Experience Wales is responsible for finding host companies so that our students can perform their professional baccalaureate training period in the workplace. Companies are selected based on profiles of our students.

Jim Cooney is a real support for the teaching staff, he is also a bridge between students and teachers once chaperones have returned to France.

- Mr Thierry BOSSO – Professor DNL(non-language subject) European Section Champs sur Marne – France -

“Jim is a reliable person, an experienced professional and excellent teacher!

I had been studying with Jim for 2 months and a half, getting prepared for the IELTS exam. I could think only about one word for describing his lessons and his method: “complete”. He doesn’t neglect any details and he prepares your thoughts clearly with theoretical explanations and practical (as well as challenging) exercises. After having followed all of his advice and instructions, my final score in the IELTS exam was a rewarding 8.0!”

- Maria Antoniette Porto, Sicily, Italy -
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