A Swansea welcome

Swansea the “City by the Sea” on the rugged coast of South Wales and gateway to the “first area of outstanding natural beauty The Gower Peninsular” It was described by Dylan Thomas as the “the ugly, lovely town” which has something for everyone, another quote that can also apply is that “Ambition is Critical” which can be found in the stones outside the train station. At the moment things are very busy here with the centenary anniversary of Dylan’s birth.

Swansea has to offer the coastal path for walkers to explore the a beautiful coastal scenery, parks to relax in, a busy night-life, museums, the Grand Theatre, cinemas and Premier league football with the Swans and European rugby with the Ospreys, which should make for a busy stay.

Generally, the people of Swansea and Wales are very friendly and helpful and if your stay with one of our hand picked host families you will enjoy the experience of warm Welsh welcome.

                                   Indoor activities:                                                                                     Dylan_Thomas,_Maritime_Quarter,_Swansea

                                Outdoor activities:

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