About Us

Reivers Education began as an IELTS exam specialist school, in November 2010. We have worked with students from all over the world and provided English language support for all different student needs to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on our variety of resources that allow us to achieve a good learning outcome for IELTS, Business English or General English.

Reivers Education has also developed over the past few years, the Work Experience Wales section, providing tailored work placements for students. These students are sponsored by the wonderful Erasmus+ programme. Reivers Education is responsible for all the educational and cultural activities on week one of the programme then the Work Experience Wales section, provides monitoring of the student in the work and host family placement for the remainder of their placement period.

Then in 2013 Reivers Education opened its own Summer-School under the Summer School section, at Swansea University and had repeated success year on year. Here we provide an all-round junior learning package.We have also expanded our host family accommodation providers to meet the extra demand.

In addition, 2017 Reivers Education began as a specialist On-Line Enlgish School. Teaching through the medium of Skype or Zoom. Subjects that are avialble are GCSE English, IELTS and Business English.

We specialise in developing good English language programs, using the latest materials and resources that are available and combining them with tried and tested traditional methods. This is the core principle to the approach of all our programmes.

Our Director of Language services, Jim Cooney, has been teaching since 2003 in the public and private education sector and has taught every background of student from the ages of 7 through to 70. The business was founded in 2010 and it has been built upon year on year to where it is today.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we would only be too happy to help.

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