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  • The IELTS core courses that are taught use the Total English, “Can do” task teaching,
    • Intermediate (IELTS 5.5 General English),
    • Upper Intimidate (6.5) and
    • Advanced Levels (IELTS 7 Equivalent)
  • Supplemented with Cambridge Grammar for IELTS and Oxford IELTS Masterclass.
  • I also use supplementary material from a variety of sources to support the course.
  • All teaching takes place in a relaxed home environment with fresh ground coffee at break time during the lesson.
  • Lessons are at least 2 hours but extend to 3 or 4 for intensive teaching and student requirement.
  • Lessons available On-Line using Skype or Google Video Call.
  • One to One lessons are supported with Whiteboard, Laptop and Projector.
Total - English